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The lamp light attenuation test you have to do

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That's for sure, each lamp will do aging test to detect light source, light attenuation degree. 48 hours after aging, decay of not more than five percent, this is a wrong judgment, if dozens of hours are three percent or 4, that still have to, so, generally at room temperature (25 degrees) and aging time is 1000 hours, aging at high temperature (50 degrees) for 4 hours, then, in the flux measurement conditions (of course, just doing it in time to record the first luminous flux and other parameters, and the parameters of good after the test to do comparison.) If the decay is within three percent, then the lamp lumen is normal, otherwise, is wrong, as it is necessary to look at the product cooling your enough!

LED Tube Light: new product must do this test prior to the trial production. Attenuation of room temperature aging test is 48 hours of light and temperature and humidity as high temperature burn-in lamp, floor production after the two item decay after 5% slated for qualified, normal temperature, high temperature, high and low temperature heat, electricity / power down and so on these tests, must be separately tested, to determine the stability of the product. The LED decay very fast time consumed, so in the eyes of customers you lamp is luminous decay very slowly. Is to decay experiment for new, because of this relationship to you on the heat dissipation problem solution is feasible, of course, some companies are generally small lumen report to take light source lamp light decay experiment to calculate their own, because small companies can not be a long time of accelerated aging, is at most 24 hours or, 48 hours of light also can determine the power and light source and a shell section, a performance is not representative of the lamp light decay, so see you the size of the company, or may entrust the accelerated aging of these can try to do.


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