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LED High Bay light use widely

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LED High Bay Lighting appearance by special surface treatment technology, beautiful appearance, excellent decorative effect. Simple installation, convenient disassembly, wide scope of application. Internally more reflective coating, unique high reflectivity, the spot is more uniform. Color is good, on the real color appears more real. Various color optional, can meet the needs of different environments, the elimination of the traditional lamp color temperature is too high or too low of depression caused by, so that the visual comfort, improvement of working efficiency.
In addition, LED High Bay light adopts constant current and constant voltage control, wide working voltage (AC100V-240V) to overcome ballast to generate grid, noise pollution and cause the light is not stable, avoids work to bring the eye stimulation, fatigue. In order to provide the best LED lighting source for the industrial and mining plant operation.
LED High Bay light use super bright white LED as light source, the shell is made of aluminum alloy, the housing using a highly efficient heat dissipation by conduction lens, copper and aluminum alloy heat radiating natural air circulation so radiating more perfect, with the different needs of customers, the appearance is also will continue to change, LED High Bay light power is only sodium 20%, LED High Bay light is equivalent to a 100W can replace 500W lamp, particularly in line with national proposed "green low carbon".
Field of use: suitable for factories and enterprises, industrial and mining enterprises, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other inflammable and explosive places as cast light or flood lighting.


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