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Factory workshop lighting energy-saving plan

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Industrial lighting to places and operating range is very wide, modern production requirements for the safe operation of a general increase in lighting system. Must provide healthy, comfortable lighting for the staff, in order to maximize productivity, reduce accidents, to protect the safety of staff. At the same time, the factory lighting the consumption of electricity accounted for the entire factory power consumption 10%. So energy transformation of plant can be a year for the factory to save hundreds of thousands of pieces of electricity. And can reduce maintenance and replacement costs, a year total down can save hundreds of thousands of expenses for the factory.
Project advantage (LED tube)
1. Saving more energy, more energy saving lamp: LED than traditional fluorescent lamp energy saving 60%.
2.  Long service life: the average service life of 30000 hours lamp.
3.  Cost recovery: the fastest soon after transformation in less than 6 months Recyclable cost.
4.  Maintenance is simple: the basic no maintenance after installation.
5.  No stroboscopic: employees in LED lighting conditions, the eye is not easy to fatigue, work efficiency is higher.
Purpose to improve
1. Improve the lighting brightness, improve the environment;
2. Lighting layout specifications, reasonable, beautiful;
3. Repair, maintenance is convenient;
4. Save cost, optimal allocation;
5. Safety, health, environmental protection;
The use of the product
The T8 fluorescent lamp tube replaced original 42W LED 19W. Saving about 60%, and its brightness, life is far larger than traditional fluorescent lamp. Plants can reduce consumption, save the cost, but also can improve the lighting environment, improve work efficiency.
Application effect
According to daily lighting 24 hours a day, working 300 days a year, 0.7 yuan per kilowatt, repair labor costs 10¥/ hour.
  Project comparison 700 36W fluorescent tube of +700 branch of 9W rectifier 750 18W T8 LED tube light After transforming the results
Energy saving comparison Power consumption

The daily power consumption: 700 X (36W+9W) X24 hours /1000 watt hour =756 power

The annual power consumption of 756X300=226800

The daily power consumption: 700 X18WX24 hours /1000 watt hour =303 power

The annual power consumption of 303X300=90900

Save =135900

226800-90900 days per year of electricity

It can save electricity 135900 degrees per year. That is, a year can save135900X0.7=95130¥
Maintenance cost service life 5000 hours 50000 hours  
Each year to replace the light tube 24 X340 hours /5000 hours X750 =1224 teams 24 X340 hours /50000 hours X750 =122.4 teams Every year to reduce the damage to 1101
Cost of replacing lamp 7 x1224 =8568¥ 100X122.4=12240 More than 3672¥ a year
Maintenance of artificial cost Calculated at each 1¥, 1 x1224 = 1224 Calculated at each 1¥, 1 x122. 4 = 122.4 Annual savings of 1101¥
Cost of 1 year 168552 75992 A year to save cost: 92560¥
Visible if factory for LED tube lighting, can save costs 90000¥ a year.

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