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LED High Bay product advantages and applicable scope

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LED High Bay advantages
1、The integrated design of radiator and lamp shell, shell wing and the air convection heat, ensures LED light source heat dissipation and the service life of the surface of the lamp, LE preservative treatment of anodic oxidation, compact structure, anticorrosion, waterproof, dustproof performance is good.
2、Long life, chip cooling technology unique and fully guarantee the service life of the light source, reached more than 50000 hours.
3、A single high-power LED independent package (120W~200W) as the light source, light a small decline, pure light color, no ghosting phenomenon.
4、Good color, light stability, and close to natural light. Long time exposure does not cause workers depressive mood, improve work efficiency.
5、High purity aluminum used as reflector, illuminate angle, uniform illumination, no glare, no stroboscopic.
6、The green environmental protection without pollution, pollution does not contain lead, mercury and other elements.
7、Using constant current and constant voltage control, wide working voltage (AC100-277V), no ballast noise pollution.
LED High Bay applicable
For high quality lighting in warehouses, malls, factories, parking lots and so on.

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