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LED lighting products stroboscopic solution

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In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standard, people's work and life light environmental requirements also more and more high, especially the problems of stroboscopic indoor lights and lanterns, more and more attention by all of us. So, lamps and lanterns of what a stroboscopic, stroboscope what is the harm to human body, identify the myth of stroboscopic, how to solve the problem of stroboscopic of lamps and lanterns?
Stroboscopic come from?
Stroboscopic refers to the depth of the luminous flux of electric light source fluctuation, the greater the depth of the luminous flux fluctuation, the more serious the stroboscope. The size of the electric light source depth of luminous flux fluctuation, and electric light source technology quality has a direct relationship. Traditional lamps and lanterns is due to the use of alternating current power supply, its brightness changes with periodical change of alternating current (ac). Stroboscopic of lamps and lanterns is formed by the light of light and shade change, usually divided into two kinds: one kind is a change in the 100 hz frequency, at this time of stroboscopic can capture by the human eye. Another is to change frequencies above 100 hz, the stroboscopic not being seen.
Stroboscopic any potential harm to human body?
1、Could cause brain damage. By observing the electroencephalogram (eeg), found that even in the environment of stroboscopic light have been quick to let a person cannot detect, organism of the retina can still tell a frequency of 100-100 hz, even up to 200 hz and react to light, in animal experiments, represented by the cat, 100-120 hz light has caused the brain cells to burn, burn cells belong to the lateral geniculate body organization, the organization have the effect of control eyes.
2、May affect the reading and vision. Fluorescent lamp and the brightness of the CRT display stroboscopic can affect people of eye movement trajectory when reading the text, in addition, in some health check report also found that the vision loss is caused by fluorescent lights blinking.
3、May induce migraine. Fluorescent lights blinking frequency of 100 hz may cause the incidence of headache multiplication of office workers, of course, this effect is usually considered a special case, only produced in special crowd.
Mobile phone photo identification of stroboscopic method on?
With the gradual development of LED lighting, more and more people tend to take phone to the LED lamps and lanterns, by observing the presence of stroboscopic and determine whether the lamps and lanterns can damage the person eyes, this kind of practice is not entirely correct.
LED lights and lanterns is a dc power supply, its light source the light will be in the form of dc, but its input power supply is still in the form of communication, it is difficult to completely avoid ac ripple through the LED light source, so there are LED lamps and lanterns is flashing when using a digital camera.
A good way to overcome the stroboscope, currently have?
If more and more widespread use of LED lighting lamps and lanterns USES the constant dc power supply, theoretically possible completely no stroboscopic constant lighting. But, in fact, due to the lack of industry standards, market competition is intense and disorderly, the market is flooded with low quality LED lamps and lanterns, especially indoor small power LED lamps and lanterns, also have a stroboscopic problem. To get pure and constant current source, to ensure that no stroboscopic LED lighting lamps and lanterns, LED drive power supply is one of the biggest key. At present, the LED power supply simply meet the requirements of no stroboscopic also can do it, generally has the following three ways:
1、Increase the output capacitors. This solution theoretically electrolytic capacitor can be used to absorb part of the ac ripple, but practical experience tells us: when ripple control within a certain range (10%), it is difficult to further reduce, unless the electrolytic capacitor at no cost to add more, also can not fundamentally eliminate.
2、Passive PFC scheme adopted in valley type. This plan is also the mainstream one way to handle. Using two large capacitance and three diode power factor correction, because behind the rectifier bridge has a large electrolytic capacitors, so to absorb the ac ripple, through the inductor or transformer to the secondary part of the current to direct current. But in valley type solution also has some problems, over 40 v output can't make it 90-265 - v voltage input, fill in the valley of circuit output voltage value is half valley value of electrolytic filter circuit, and fill the valley type after the way of rectifier rectifier output voltage than ordinary low output voltage of the rectifier after many, may use in valley type is in low voltage input after loading. Moreover, regardless of the isolation type or a isolation type valley type scheme, harmonic test can't pass.
3、Adopt two-stage scheme. On the basis of the existing isolated power behind plus level DC to DC, will be able to completely eliminate the influence of the ac ripple. Electrical parameters can completely meet certification standards. But this plan in a certain cost increases, the need to add one more power management chip and some of the peripheral circuit.
Valley type scheme is able to solve the problem of LED lamps and lanterns of stroboscopic, but when there are more than 40v output voltage can not make full voltage input, but the cost is relatively cheaper than two stage plan, there are strict requirements for no stroboscopic, don't fight voltage output voltage 40v input can consider to choose the frequency of lightning source solution. For no stroboscopic and other aspects have higher requirements of the customer, you can choose two stage.

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