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T8 LED Tube Llight selection and distinguish

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T8 LED Tube Light is also called T8 LED light, LED lighting in the common form of a lamp, which is the most widely used industrial lighting LED lighting lamp. However, T8LED tube is what to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp lighting the supremacy of the obtained now? If we buy into the LED tube appropriate?
1、The reason of LED tube development:
T8 LED tube so far, as the main lighting lighting industrial lighting, the reason is that energy-saving fluorescent lamp fluorescent lamp with the traditional LED, so for most of them, especially to the fierce competition today, like the LED tube with the advantages of energy saving deep user. However, for the government, LED tube not only to energy-saving, deep love, and have got great support environmental protection, is the government.
2、The LED tube development:
However, development of LED tube is not a beginning is today's structure, its development process mainly includes two stages, in the past few years, the LED tube is the use of in-line LED tube beads, however because the heat affected LED tube light service life, after the LED tube uses high performance SMD LED tube bead up from the heat dissipation and the service life of the LED tube light service life, has achieved a major breakthrough.
3、LED tube type:
T8 LED tube cause to consider the use of the location limit, so in LED tube was originally designed taking into account the length of the problem. So using the same with the traditional fluorescent tube size, for the T8 LED tube for general lighting, according to the length to points, can be divided into 0.6 meters, 0.9 meters, 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters long etc.. Different length, power will not be the same, length is longer, more with beads, power will be greater. And according to pipe shape to points, such as circular and elliptical tubes. But according to the length of classification has become the industry standard.
4、The advantages of LED tube:
First of all, the LED tube without mercury, but there does not lead, the traditional fluorescent lamp contains a large amount of mercury vapor lamp, once such broken mercury vapor would evaporate into the atmosphere, causing environment pollution, and the LED tube can protect the environment is very good, is a green light source for one of the recognized.
Secondly, the LED tube is a cold light source, not like the traditional lamp that emits a lot of heat. It can basically convert electrical energy converted into light energy, will not cause energy waste, very economical.
Again, the LED tube is a kind of energy-saving lamp is very quiet, no noise is produced as the traditional fluorescent lamp, very suitable for need a quiet environment, such as a library, office or something. Also can very good eye protection, start very soon, no flicker, is good for our health.
Also, because the LED tube is a lamp of green environmental protection, which itself does not produce ultraviolet and infrared radiation, do not contain mercury and other harmful substances, heat less, well avoid mosquitoes around the light source side, so to the interior to create a more clean environment.
Finally, LED tube, the service life is long, the shortcomings of the traditional fluorescent lamp power consumption of its brightness is 1/3, but with the traditional fluorescent lamp is the same. In general, the normal use of the life of thirty thousand hours or more, long-term use without replacement, aeriform in reducing artificial cost, it is suitable for some occasions inconvenient to replace lamps. Of course, LED tube and rich colors, can produce various light colors of lights, so as to meet the requirements of different occasions.
5、The scope of application
T8 LED tube use scope has penetrated into many places, indoor lighting places generally has its shadow, T8 LED tube use mainly concentrated in the office lighting, factory lighting, library lighting, subway lighting, lighting lighting stores, shopping malls, hotel lighting, lighting of the place is, there are T8 LED tube.


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