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LED high bay light manufacturers

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According to the Research Institute of Industrial Engineering published LED report, it is expected that the fourth quarter of this year led High Bay light manufacturers overall output will increase by 20%, the total size of the annual industry for more than 260000000000¥, a year-on-year growth of 28%. and annual LED interior lighting will value year-on-year growth of 110%. is expected to next year, although LED indoor lighting value basis in the increase year by year, but the output value growth will be maintained at about 60%.
Behind the rapid development, enhance the quality of. Led a big problem difficulty is industry of High Bay lamp manufacturers said, Chinese LED epitaxial, chip production already has a certain scale, the embodiment of manufacturing in the installed capacity, capacity, LED chip scale and so on. "But from the quality and level of technology products and International there are still certain gap of Dachang technology. How to realize the quality in the future development of the upgrade, which is not only the amount of accumulation, will be one of the most core problems of the development of our domestic LED chip in the field"
In addition, behind a series of beautiful data, industry income does not increase profits problems still outstanding. LED High Bay light manufacturers said orders, although many enterprises in 2013, revenue increased, but the fierce price war, the enterprise profit more and more thin.


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