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Warranty Policy

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3N LED provides limited warranty under the hereby stated terms and conditions
1. Customers who purchase directly from 3N LED.
2. The warranty applies if any of the following occurs
A. Failure of function with no external factors.
B. Tube flickering
C. Over 35% depreciation of light output compared with initial EXW lumens.
3. Exclusions - This warranty does not cover the following
A. Problems caused by improper operation of the buyer, including damages of light source and driver caused by unstable current flow.
B. Goods dismantled or modified without approval from 3N LED. Goods replaced with parts that do not come from 3N LED.
C. Loss of 3N LED's serial number on the LED Lighting.
D. Operation temperature exceeds the range of -40 to 50 degree centigrade.
E. Repair work done by unauthorized personnel without 3N LED’s approval.
F. Force Majeure and other act of God.
4. Warranty period
3 or 5 years from the EXW date (according to the spec).
5. Verification of defective goods
Customers must provide clear pictures to prove that such defects existing.
The above warranty policy covers all led lighting.

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