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LED stroboscopic effect harm and elimination

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Stroboscopic effect refers to the harmful effects of electric light source by the light flux fluctuations, stroboscopic harm effect. Electric light stroboscopic more serious, more serious harm stroboscopic effect.
One、Stroboscopic stroboscopic stroboscopic effect stroboscopic effect and with the electric light source is for electric light source, wave depth of luminous flux and the resulting harm effect (known as the stroboscopic effect) physical quantity two interrelated to the size of the. Stroboscopic refers to electric light flux fluctuations in the depth. Luminous flux fluctuation greater depth, stroboscopic more serious. Electric light source luminous flux fluctuation depth size, there is a direct relationship between technology quality and electric light source. Electric light source luminous flux fluctuation depth size, usually expressed as a percentage. At present, has been widely used in the electric light source, LED fluorescent lamp, LED lamp, LED ceiling lamp. Such as the inductance ballast driven T8 (26mm) wave depth of straight tube fluorescent lamp, high pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp luminous flux of up to 55%-65%. On the market and some technology poor quality energy-saving lamps, there are still the stroboscopic depth of up to 20% - 30%.
Two、Electric light stroboscopic effect harm performance
A、Caused by industrial accident, into a whole multiple relations in the strobe frequency and moving speed of light source, the state of motion will produce static, moving object inverted, movement speed is slow, and error visual the cyclical repetition of the three state, causing industrial accidents. Sewing machine operator garment industry, will speed up and down motion of the needle, the illusion for the stationary state, inadvertently finger pricks.
B、Effect of production efficiency, stroboscopic effect can cause visual neural fatigue, migraine. Especially high pressure mercury machinery industry has universal application (sodium lamp, metal halide lamp). Driving the inductance ballast universal application of the T8 light industry, food, printing, electronics, textiles and other industries (26mm) straight tube fluorescent lamp. Serious harm stroboscopic effect caused by low production efficiency. Line on the plug-in operator, easy for visual fatigue, vertigo, migraine headaches, generate positioning difficult situations such as.
C、The use of damage eyes long time, inductance ballast driven T8 (26mm) straight tube fluorescent lamps, generally applied in family, school, library etc.. Because the lighting environment serious harm stroboscopic effect, primary and secondary school students in the growth suffer greatly, decreased visual acuity was significantly increased, myopia. 
The extensive application of LED lighting technology, make the health problems induced by electric light stroboscopic stroboscopic effect and consequent worthy of our attention, the use of LED lighting products stroboscopic brought harm to our work and life in a certain extent. When we use the electric light source, harmfulness of scientific understanding of LED lighting products and stroboscopic effect stroboscopic, for science popularization and application of LED energy saving lamp, lighting environment construction of bright, clear, comfortable, has important practical significance.
In a real application developed no stroboscopic LED driver for LED lighting products, the core and no stroboscopic LED lighting products is the LED driving power supply without strobe. The core of 3NLED without stroboscopic driving technology with fewer devices, to ensure that the circuit with high conversion efficiency and high power factor at the same time, the LED driver control circuit output is DC current straight, to comply with the LED light source DC working mode, use the camera (camera) not waterlines stroboscopic phenomenon is flashing.


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