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Energy saving reconstruction of LED High Bay light

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Although the lighting is still most industrial and mining enterprises use metal halide LED High Bay Light, but there is a big power, there is pollution, short service life, high maintenance cost of the main disadvantage.
In 2015 with the LED High Bay light technology continues to improve, energy saving reconstruction of LED High Bay lighting lamp enterprises pay more attention to the humanity, not only to improve the stability of lamps, reduce the subsequent repair trouble, simplify the lamp assembly program, and even two protection for some special lamps and lanterns, preventing the lamp body caused by the aging of fracture hurt. LED High Bay light energy saving and environmental protection performance is becoming more significant.
In 2015 the enterprise LED High Bay lighting lamp energy saving renovation will be the inevitable trend!
LED High Bay lighting efficiency, high brightness, generally replaced by about 120W LED High Bay light can now is widely used in 400W metal halide lamp industrial lighting. And LED High Bay light has been known for energy saving and environmental protection, long service life, stable performance, low maintenance cost.


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