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Whether the LED lights have effect on the cosmetology

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A topic in recent years, we are very concerned about the LED blue, red, the skin is really has the effect of beautifying, this problem was particularly concerned by the majority of female friends. Now many beauty salons use light beauty instrument, according to the website information knowledge, in fact, many hospitals are also light beauty instrument.
Query information from the LED network, at a local beauty shop, staff told the reporter, they used a light meter is company specific equipment, anti acne effect is very good, and even invalid refund commitment can. The staff said, the device has no side effect, is a country after the approval of equipment, but first to the skin test, the treatment package determined according to skin problems and situation. According to professional sources, LED light detector which belongs to the scope of photodynamic therapy in clinic, indeed can improve the skin, but be sure to use proper.
Light meter is treated using light effects and non thermal effects. Skin is composed of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue, red and blue light stimulates every cell mitochondrial metabolism, resulting in a certain role. If the red light, the wavelength of 635 nm, in the medical clinic, red light can promote wound healing, increase the phagocytosis of leukocytes; in beauty, can stimulate and promote cell The new supersedes the old., collagen, can tighten the pores in the role of the skin, and skin inflammation can also be red light. Blu ray, 415 nm wavelength, in the medical clinic, Blu ray has a bactericidal effect, it will usually used for the treatment of acne; in beauty, have sedative effects appropriate to the skin, emotional stability, attention etc..
Therefore, the LED light can cover the skin, can be trusted. But despite the cold light source is a kind of promote the natural treatment of skin regeneration, but experts don't recommend the use of light meter frequency is too high.


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