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The stadium LED lighting design

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Sports lighting, LED lighting industry is one of the door, it is difficult to meet the general LED lighting designers.

Sports lighting

Sport lighting

The most common small pavilion, general can put down a basketball court, 2-3 pieces of volleyball, badminton courts around 4. Space height: 8 m.
Lighting proposal:
1. Use light source: traditional metal halide light source, the choice of 250w metal halide lamp, colour temperature 4000 k, refers to the 65.
2. Lamps and lanterns, LED High Bay Light.
3. Spacing of lamps and lanterns: 4.8m*6m.
4. Cloth lamp direction: casual, it is round and light distribution is symmetrical, you can't turn out a flower.
5. Control: all the entertainment, the national standard of the lowest one level, you can switch together.

LED high bay light

The analysis process:
1. The light source
High power LED lamps and lanterns is less, the price also is very high, one can buy more of the same power high bay lights.
High power LED ceiling light anti-glare general effect is not good, the dazzling, used for all know, traditional high ceiling high bay light source hidden deep, have certain protection Angle, anti-dazzle effect is better.
2. Lamps and lanterns, LED High Bay Light.
3. Cloth lamp spacing
4.8 m*6m cloth lamp spacing is not literally, but according to sports lighting standards of entertainment is calculated in the 300 lx.
We look at the results:

Sports light


LED lighting

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