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Application of LED lights color temperature and color

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LED light source color temperature: people with absolute temperature and the temperature of the light of equal or similar full radiator to describe light source color table (see direct observation of light source of the human eye color) is also called the color temperature of the light. The color temperature is to be expressed in absolute temperature K.
Different color temperature will lead to people in different emotional reactions, we see the color temperature of the light is divided into three categories:
1. Warm light: Warm light color temperature is below 3300K, warm light and incandescent light color close, more red light component, give a person with warm, healthy, comfortable feeling, suitable for families, dormitories, residential, hospitals, hotels and other places, low temperature or place.
2. Warm white: Also called intermediate color, its color temperature in the 3300K 5300K between. Warm white light is downy, make people happy, comfortable, peaceful feeling, suitable for shops, hospital, office, hotel, restaurant, waiting room and other places.
3. Cold light: Also called daylight color, its color temperature in the 5300K above, the light source is close to natural light, a bright feeling, the concentration of energy, suitable for office, conference room, drawing room, classroom, design studio, library reading room, window display and other places.
Color: Light source to the object color degree called CRI, also is the color of the vivid degree, play light source high color on color performance better, we see the color is more close to natural color, light source color play low on the color of the poor performance of the color deviation, we also see big.
Why the color rendering of high and low points? The key lies in the light of the spectral characteristics, visible light wavelength in the range of 380nm to 780nm, all we see in the spectrum of red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, violet, if each light source radiation the proportion of light and natural light is similar, we see the color is more vivid.
We usually take the color index for the characterization of color. The standard color in radiation standard light source, the color rendering index for 100. When the color is the test of light source, color distortion in vision, is this kind of light source color index. The color index is bigger, then the distortion less, on the contrary, the greater the distortion, color index is smaller.
The different place color index of the source's request is not the same. In the International Association of lighting in general the color index is divided into five categories:
LED lamp category Ra scope
1, >90 art gallery, museum and printing industries and places
2, 80 - 90 of families, restaurants, advanced textile technology and similar industries
3, 60 - 80 office, school, outdoor street lighting
4, 40 - 60 heavy industry factories, outdoor street lighting
5, 20 - 40 outdoor road lighting and some of the requirements is not high places


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