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LED can predict the life

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Although the LED lighting has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, long life, maintenance free, easy to control these characteristics, but ironically, we often hear because the LED drive power of life itself directly drag LED lighting is not long, greatly increases the maintenance / use cost; efficiency or drive power does not lead to higher LED lighting lamp energy conversion ratio is not imagination of so high, or because the output current ripple has not been well controlled and the influence of the light quality, make the LED lighting green energy-saving advantages of greatly reduced, and even affect the market popularity.
Everything has process takes place, development and disappearance of the light emitting device, although compared with the general, LED life is relatively long, but also have a certain life. Early LED flashlight, reading lamp is just this kind of gift, the time is not long, life issues are not prominent. But now LED has been widely used in outdoor and indoor lighting, especially LED street light power, the power of large, high fever, long working time, life problem is very prominent. The theory can be 100000 hours of life, but actually not known exactly, so where is the problem?
If we do not consider the power failure and driven, the life of the LED performance for its decay, that is a long time, the brightness is more and more dark, until finally extinguished. Usually defined attenuation 30% time as the life. So the life of LED can predict?


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