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LED lights use improper will reduce the service life

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One、Method of forming the LED pin
1.To 2 mm from the gel to bend bracket.
2.Stent must use fixture by professional personnel to complete.
3.Stent must finish before welding.
4.Stent should guarantee the pin and the spacing and circuit board unanimously.
Two、LED curved legs and feet when cutting attention
Due to the design of bending and cutting the feet need, in bending of LED and cutting the feet, curved legs and feet cut from the gel bottom position than 3mm.
Foot should bend before welding. Use the LED plug lamp, PCB hole spacing and LED foot spacing to corresponding. Cut the foot when the foot cutting machine vibration friction electrostatic voltage is high, so the machine ground to a reliable, good anti-static work (the fan can blow ions to eliminate static electricity). 
Three、LED cleaning
When must be especially careful to use chemical cleaning colloid, because some chemical damage to the surface of colloid and cause fading such as trichloroethylene, acetone etc.. Available ethanol alcohol, dipping time, at room temperature is less than 3 minutes. 
Four、LED overcurrent protection
Over current protection can is for LED series protection resistors to make its work stability
The formula for calculating the resistance value: R= (VCC-VF) /IF
VCC is the power supply voltage regulator |, VF LED drive voltage, IF forward current
Five、LED welding condition
1.Soldering iron: iron (up to 30W) tip temperature does not exceed 300 degrees, the welding time is not more than 3 seconds, the welding position of at least 2 mm from the gel.
2.Wave soldering: dip the maximum temperature of 260 DEG C, dip time less than 5 seconds, dip position of at least 2 mm from the gel.

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