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Failure analysis of antistatic poor index of LED

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With the development of LED industry competition continues to increase, the LED quality has been hitherto unknown attention. LED in the manufacturing, transportation, assembly and use of the process, production equipment, materials and the operator may have to bring LED electrostatic (ESD) injury, leading to LED premature leakage current increase, attenuation increase, or even dead lamp electrostatic phenomenon, has a very important influence on the quality of LED. LED anti-static index does not simply reflect the anti-static strength, antistatic ability of LED and its leakage current value, has the very big relations overall reliability, is a comprehensive reflection of the overall quality and reliability. Because often the antistatic high LED, optical properties, electrical properties of it will be good.
LED static failure principle:
Because of the existence of different degree of electrostatic environment, through the PN junction electrostatic induction or direct transfer and other forms of LED chip will accumulate a certain number of opposite polarity formation of electrostatic charge, electrostatic voltage of different degree. When the maximum electrostatic voltage exceeds the LED value, the electrostatic charge will be in a very short time (NS) discharge in the two electrodes of the LED chip, thereby generating heat. In the LED chip's internal conductive layer, a light-emitting layer formed of PN junction temperature higher than 1400 DEG C, high temperature caused local melting into the hole, thereby causing the LED leakage, dark, dead lights, short-circuit these phenomena.
By the static shock after the loss of LED, serious tends to cause death light, leakage. Electrostatic damage slightly, LED general without what unusual, but this time, there have been some hidden dangers of the LED, when it is two times of electrostatic damage, that there will be increasing probability of dark bright, dead lights, leakage. When the LED chip is slight, is not aware of the electrostatic damage, which is when the need for scanning electron microscope magnification to more than ten thousand times further confirmed, to prevent accidents more high probability of failure.
Anti static index depends on the LED chip LED lamps, but more susceptible to electrostatic damage
The LED lamp bead anti-static index depends on the LED light emitting chip itself, and the package material is expected to packaging process unrelated, or influencing factor is very small, very small; the LED lamp more vulnerable to electrostatic damage, which is related with the two pin spacing, the LED chip of the bare wafer two electrode spacing is very small, when the electrostatic charge to the transfer, the greater the spacing, the more easily form a large potential difference, the voltage is high. So, sealed LED lamp often more prone to electrostatic damage accident.
Antistatic good index is a comprehensive reflection of LED comprehensive performance reliable
LED anti-static index does not simply reflect the anti-static strength of it, to understand the LED chip epitaxial design and manufacture of the people understand, antistatic ability of LED chip and its leakage current value, there is a great relationship between the reliability of the whole, is a complex comprehensive quality and reliability of the present, because often the antistatic ability of high LED, optical properties, electrical properties of it will be good.
LED anti-static index not only means that can be applied in all kinds of products and a variety of environments, or LED comprehensive performance reliable indicator. LED antistatic ability is the core of the reliability of LED reflect. Even if the brightness of LED and electrical indicators are very good, once the anti-static index of the low, it is easy to damage due to electrostatic die lamp. The LED antistatic index test is a very effective quality control means, effectively evaluate LED antistatic ability of brook no delay.
Familiar with LED manufacturing enterprises are aware of the current China LED industry product quality uneven, the different quality of the LED, the stability of far, makes a lot of LED user confusion matchless, among which, because of antistatic LED caused by low dark bright, dead lights, leakage quality accident of the most suffered heavy losses, LED chip LED encapsulation enterprises as long as select the anti static electricity high some, do the packaging process, the product must be reliable and stable. LED lighting factory, LED users should regularly carry out anti-static ability test of beads. Selection of antistatic high LED is the core of quality control of LED location.


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