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Office space design requirements

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Now a lot of office space with LED lamp lighting, office lighting requirements of:
1、Select the color temperature of the light source and the appropriate color index, in the office places generally choose >4000K color temperature, color selection index Ra = 75.
2、Illumination uniformity: the rational layout of lamps, so that uniform illumination, the office of maximum and minimum illumination uniformity is less than the average illumination 1/3.
3、Lighting levels: different environment, different places, have different requirements for lighting. Office illumination should be used to meet the requirements, for general 500-1000lx.
4、Safety: mainly consider the safety lamp structure, the safety of the electric appliance, lamps and lanterns can meet the national standard, whether through the 3C certification.
5、Comfort and glare control: on the horizon are too high or too high brightness than the brightness, will make people feel dazzling glare. The glare preventing measures are mainly to limit the brightness of the light source, the rational layout of light source. As the light source in the above line of sight 45 degree range, form shading angle or opaque material shielding light.
6、Energy saving and environmental protection: the selection of high efficient light source, high efficiency, long service life, reasonable light distribution lamps, high performance, long life accessories etc.. The light distribution generally choose the bat wing light distribution, so that the light intensity can evenly and wide distribution.


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