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LED Tube Light Energy-saving reconstruction scheme

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LED Tube Light as the emerging fourth generation energy-saving light source, the level of technology matures, its energy-saving environmental protection, long life, high brightness and good performance of light stability began to get market recognition.
Do a simple analysis of the benefits we of daylight lamp, factory, office, shopping malls supermarkets widely used LED fluorescent lamp energy saving reconstruction scheme:
LED 10W 36W fluorescent lamp can replace the traditional fluorescent lamp
3000 fluorescent tubes, supermarket one-day lighting when the length of 14.5H, with 1 pieces of money once electricity meter
Products Power Number power consumption Annual electricity consumption Electricity expenditure Warranty
LED Tube Light 9W 3000 435 degrees 158775 degrees 158775¥ 3-5 years
Traditional fluorescent lamp 36W 3000 1827 degrees 666855 degrees 666855¥ 1-2 years

It is concluded that using the LED fluorescent tube lighting energy saving reconstruction after:
Power consumption enterprises save years of: 666855-158775= 508080 degrees;
The saving rate: 76.2%
With the LED fluorescent lamp market price 150¥/branch calculation
At present, the production cost of LED lighting products have been significantly reduced, the introduction of the new economic type LED fluorescent lamp to customers, to achieve energy saving money two not mistake.
The total investment of the project is 3000*150=45$0000
The investment recovery period is 450000/508080 = 0.838years, about 10.5 months.


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