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Heating problems in LED lighting

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LED lights with its small size, low power consumption, environmental protection, durable and light source color is rich of these characteristics, the highly popular with the majority of users. However, one of the bottleneck of development of LED lighting is facing heat, through the analysis of problems in the process of heating and lighting effect on LED, leading to the importance of cooling technology in LED lighting, and heat dissipation technology at present and in the future make summary and analysis.
1.The heating problem of existence of LED lighting
In the use of LED lighting in the process, as with the use of traditional lighting mode, need to convert electrical energy into light energy. However, in this two ways, no one can be completely converted into electric energy, and can only be a few part of the electrical energy into light energy, the majority of the remaining power (60%-70%) in the process of LED light, lighting is converted into heat energy. Especially for the LED device and a lighting lamp of large power, with the continuous increase of power, inside the LED chip temperature will gradually rise, but inside the LED chip and other performance of devices decreased with the temperature rising, even failure. Eventually lead to LED devices may not work. Fundamentally speaking, a rise in junction temperature reduced PN junction of composite probability. Performance on the light source is brightness decline, produces a saturation phenomenon. So it is urgent to solve the heating problems during the developing process of LED problem.
2.The heating problem of the effect on LED
Mentioned in the heating problems, heating problems not only affect the lifetime of LED devices, can also affect the brightness. Tests prove that, especially LED junction temperature of high power LED life depends mainly on the chip, the higher the temperature. Reliability is low, the working life is short. Therefore need not only from the LED material, production methods, packaging structure and luminescence and the principle of integrated design of LED device, more important is to solve the existing problems of LED device and heat dissipation in the lamp radiating mode, choose appropriate packaging structure, reasonable, and applied to LED lighting.

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