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Clothing store lighting techniques

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Clothing store lighting plays an important role in the stores, can improve the effect of goods on display, store atmosphere, to create a pleasant and comfortable shopping environment. In the whole store, lighting design has the effect that make the finishing point, it is like a palette, can produce a variety of color, like a cruet stand again, can make a different taste, therefore, clever lighting design, can improve the value of goods, enhance the purchase intention, to make the effect of visual marketing to achieve the best state.
Appropriate way of lighting
The characteristics of different goods, lighting the way should also change, to achieve targeted lighting model. Usually use lighting method basically has the following two:
1. Direct and half direct lighting, direct light intensity big, high efficiency, easy to form clear shadow, therefore, contrast strongly, is a way of dynamic lighting, the luster of the commodity effect is best;
2. Half an indirect and indirect lighting, lighting efficiency is low, but the light is downy, contrast is lesser, can be used to create a light, relieve or hazy, gentle appeal, applicable to the elegant style of commodities or underwear.
Different color light source
Different light sources with different color temperature, such as: incandescent lamp as the warm light, suitable for warm color department products; Fluorescent lamp for cold light, can make the white and the commodity that cool color moves is more personality. Therefore, the use of different lamps and lanterns, through the regulation of human, can build a different atmosphere, make it appear cool or warm.
Lighting design principles
Visual effects for the outstanding goods, is simple and effective means of lighting. The lighting should be selected to two or morethings lighting effect and the principle of saving energy.
Lighting design considerations
1. For wall illumination to improve, while other parts is reduced, the background color of wall is outstanding, can fully show the personality and characteristics of products;
2. Lighting design should fully consider customers, strong lighting is easy to make the eye fatigue, should avoid to use;
3. Lighting intensity reflects shop taste, that is, the more senior stores the softer the light;
4. High strength is not equal to effective illumination, therefore, wants to meet the need of commodity display of visual design.

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