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LED panel light installation method

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LED Panel Light LED lighting a ultra-thin energy-saving environmentally safe, this panel lights using the new LED light source technology, love by consumer, a energy-saving environmentally safe lighting enterprises concerned, panel lighting can completely replace the existing traditional, with color consistency, color temperature, brightness more optional high, long life, low energy consumption, green environmental protection these advantages. How are we going to install the LED panel lights to buy LED panel light after it, LED panel lights installed in three ways:

LED panel light installation

The first method of mounting bracket fixed

The first hit several screw holes in the ceiling, then the LED panel lamp with a slide type suction a top box installed in the ceiling, fixed the three surface. And then the panel lamp into the sliding fixed installation box sliding into, then the fourth to the side of the screw framework can be a good.

Second installation methods of wire suspension type

Congenital flower plate fixed good suspension mount, locked screws (embroidering factory has been installed.) Hanging vertically down, the hanging member in the LED panel lights back. The installation is convenient save trouble. Consumers must pay attention to ask a clear understanding of the hanging component is a standard or optional accessories manufacturers.

Third installation methods of embedded

The first metal groove is installed in the ceiling, and then in the LED panel lamp bracket fixed on the back surface of a few pieces of protruding outwards, and then the panel light in, make sheet metal tank bracket and the ceiling of the match, can be fixed on the ceiling. But because of all kinds of ceiling thickness is different, so need between surface and the support rack adjusting the height of the light, otherwise it will cause the LED panel lights installed after the higher or lower than the ceiling surface phenomenon.

The above three kinds of method of installation should also pay attention to the following matters of installation in the actual installation process:

1.Please make sure the power is cut off before installation;
2.Pay attention to waterproof, anti electric shock;
3.Products use standard operating voltage, do not exceed the operating voltage range;
4.This product is only for indoor use;
5.Please read the instructions carefully before installation of the product.

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