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LED uses which factors can not be ignored

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LED lights containing high quality performance and longer service life, could be widely applied in many fields, and has made no small contribution to the city lighting engineering, play a huge role. You want to make a good performance of LED lamp is guaranteed and play, in the course of its use some factors must not be ignored.
The different ways of power supply
Many lighting manufacturers in order to reduce the cost and power supply by way of a resistance capacitance step-down, affect the life span of LED products. We in the choice when in use, the best selection of LED lamp with special switch power supply, although the higher cost, but also avoid the damage caused by the trouble often.
Note that anti electrostatic measures
In the production of LED lamps in the process of antistatic measures need to pay attention and attention, special work formulated such as manufacturers, employees must wear uniforms, anti-static ring, anti-static gloves, ensure the wetting degree of the working environment, you can also install anti electrostatic ion blower, can effectively avoid harm static electricity produced on LED, improve work efficiency. The other grades higher than ordinary lamps antistatic performance of LED is relatively high.
Pay attention to the influence of temperature
A rise in temperature will cause the light source resistance LED becomes small, regulated power supply will increase the working current, when more than the rated current, will affect the service quality of LED, and even LED lamp burned out. Therefore, in the process of using the best choice of constant current source power supply, to prevent the LED lamp is not affected by temperature.
Pay attention to the waterproof problem
Both the LED guardrail tube, LED wash wall lamp, especially LED underwater lights, as long as the lighting in outdoor use, should pay attention to handling the waterproof problem, sealed, moisture-proof treatment on it, if not pay attention to the waterproof problem, will have a more serious impact on the use of LED lamps.


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