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Health LED lights selection guide

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In recent years, as people's awareness of health of green lighting, more and more people begin to pay close attention to and buy LED lights. But in the face of a wide variety of LED lights on the market, how should choose?
1.See the chip
Chip is the core of the LED luminous element, different brand, different types of lamp bead luminous efficiency and color rendering index is different. Now on the market most of the lamps and lanterns is a single chip, chip, also known as COB chip, function better than single chip. So when the choose and buy, try to choose COB chip, not only service life is long, and the luminous efficiency and color rendering index are higher, and more widely used occasion.
2.See the brightness
When leds of choose and buy, many consumer think the higher brightness, the better, in fact this is a big mistake of choose and buy. A bright light like the dazzling sun at noon, not only damage the eyesight, but also affect the physical and mental health, especially easy to cause autism in children, be agitated, irritable character. Therefore, when choosing lamps and lanterns should be combined with site area and the environment, the reference index of luminous flux and color temperature, to buy the appropriate lamps and lanterns. Bedroom, for example, try to choose the lamps and lanterns of 3000 k color temperature, not dazzling, can choose the lamps and lanterns of more than 4000 k, the sitting room a bit bright, also can choose different color temperature in the same space with the combination of solutions to improve the administrative levels feeling of the space.
3.See the color
See the color rendering index is to see the real object reduction in light color, the higher the better. Color rendering index above 80 lm general lamps and lanterns is good, the higher the color rendering index, light object reduction degree is higher.
4.Look at the cooling material
Because the bulb lighting produces heat in the process, as a result, the light bulb must has good heat dissipation performance. Bulb heat dissipation material generally have aluminum, ceramic and plastic. When the choose and buy, had better choose aluminum or ceramic bulb, plastic material not to consider, as far as possible to reduce the probability of risk.
5.The bulb shell
Bulb shell commonly known as bulb lamp, this part of the material to a great extent, affect the light transmittance, glare, light illumination. Currently on the market of LED ball bubble shell with PC, glass commonly two kinds of materials, including glass has the highest light transmittance, pervious to light performance better, luminous uniform light is good, can reduce the glare, light spot. But the disadvantage is that fragile.
Most of the other bulbs are using PC material, light transmittance is a bit weak, and inferior of PC cover use for a long time also is easy to aging become yellow.

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