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LED High Bay light application

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High Bay Light factory, mine production of lamps and lanterns is used in the assignments section. In addition to the high bay lights usually environment using a variety of lighting, explosion-proof lamp used in the special environment and anti-corrosion lamp, there are some high bay lamp used for large-scale high-rise buildings.
Floodlight usually evenly arranged on the upper part of the work place or on side wall, lighting the entire face, need to use the power of the larger incandescent lamps, halogen tungsten lamp, high intensity discharge lamp or number of fluorescent lamp. Most of the high bay lights are such. General lighting to have higher demand to the distribution of light, widely used direct lighting and half direct lighting two types of light distribution, especially the latter. Half part of the direct lighting type up light illuminates the ceiling, can increase the ceiling light, create a more comfortable, more bright environment.
Local lighting is a kind of improve the work of a certain intensity of illumination lamps and lanterns. Its role can be on the basis of general lighting strengthen, supplementary lighting, also can be in some usually do not need lighting places (such as equipment maintenance, maintenance) as a temporary lighting. A light distribution are no strict rules on them. Near the local lighting is usually served on the workspace to use safety extra low voltage (v, 50 or less ac RMS) of incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp as light source. Line (portable) lamp, hanging lamp, desk lamp, machine tool working lamp etc. In some of the tall building, and sometimes use project-light lamp as local lighting.
LED high bay light according to the light source can be divided into the traditional light source, high bay light (such as sodium lamp high bay lamp, mercury lamp high bay lamp, etc.) and LED high bay light. Compared to traditional high bay light LED high bay lamps and lanterns has big advantage:
1. LED high bay light show that high RA>70
2. LED high bay light effect is high, more energy efficient, the equivalent of 100w LED high bay light can replace traditional traditional 250 w high bay lights.
3. Traditional light source has the disadvantage of high temperature of lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns temperature can reach 200-200 degrees. And the LED itself is cold light source, lamps and lanterns is low temperature, more secure.
4. LED high bay light in the unceasing innovation, the latest model of the fin type radiator high bay lamp radiator design more reasonable, greatly reduce the weight of the high bay lamps and lanterns, make the total weight of 80w LED high bay light drops below 4 kg, and can perfectly solve the 80-80 w heat dissipation problem of LED high bay light.
The use of LED high bay light requirements
In order to meet the requirements of different production operation of visual and lamps and lanterns is the need of installation conditions, should be able to produce various high bay lamp reflector width degree of light distribution. Surface paint, glazed white color, and use aluminum, glass mirror, prism reflector made of material such as glass, light can get wide distribution, suitable for large area, vertical or near vertical face of the workplace. For tall buildings and places, tall, machine tool requires a separate lighting can use prism glass, mirror glass and polished aluminum light reflector made of materials being strong of performance, narrow beam of light distribution.
In dusty, wet place for poor environmental conditions, such as the medium to long term, reliable work, high bay light in such aspects as structure design, casing and reflector has special requirements. Closed lamps and lanterns should be used in dusty environment or optic upward convection type lamps and lanterns; Damp environment should be paid attention to in the airtight sex of the shell and the reflector surface treatment; General indoor commonly used open type lamps and lanterns, the enamel surface reflector, thicker or coated with silica alumina membrane surface layer protective film of aluminum reflector; Given the inevitable in the workplace, a fixed light source appropriate USES loose lamp holder.
LED High bay light have a variety of fixed way. General lighting has top, embedded, lifting (with straight or chain) and absorption wall form, etc. Portable local lighting equipped with corresponding hooks, handle, pinch, etc.; Fixed local lighting with screw or fixed firmly locked in work on the machine.


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