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LED panel light components

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1.LED Panel Light aluminum frame:
Is the main channel of LED heat radiation, simple appearance, using mold mold stamping, low cost, processing cost is low; die casting aluminum frame IP levels can be a little higher, surface texture, the overall appearance, but the higher cost of upfront investment mold.
2.LED light source:
Usually LED lamp uses 2835, others use 3014 and 5050. 3014 and 5050 of low cost, light efficiency is slightly worse, the key is the difficulty in the design of his light guide network. 2835 high light efficiency mesh point is good.
3.LED light guide plate:
The side LED light through the network to make the light refraction is derived from the front light guide plate is uniform, LED panel light key points of quality control. Network design is not good, the overall efficiency of light to see the very poor, the general will appear on both sides of the middle light dark, or there is the light into the light where the band, or visible part of the dark area or different angles inconsistent brightness. In order to improve the light efficiency of the light guide plate depends mainly on the network design, the second is the quality of the plate, but not necessary superstition first-line brand of sheet, plate light qualified rate between the often similar. General small LED lights factory are directly buy light guide public use, do not need to re layout design, many manufacturers use the male version usually quality.
4.LED diffusion plate:
The light guide plate of uniform light derived, can also play a role in fuzzy network. Sheet material or PC material diffusion plate generally use acrylic 2, almost is PS material, acrylic has low cost and light transmittance is higher than that of the PC, acrylic anti aging performance is weak, PC prices slightly expensive, but the anti-aging performance. The diffusion plate after installed can not see the point, and light transmittance of about 90%. 
Acrylic light transmittance ratio is 92%, PC is 88%, PS is about 80%, we can spread plate material selection according to requirement, at present the majority of manufacturers are using acrylic material.
5.Reflective paper:
The light guide plate is more than light reflected off the back to improve the efficiency of light, usually RW250.
6.The rear cover plate:
The main function is to seal the LED panel lights, general with 1060 Aluminum, can also play a role of radiating point.
7.Driving power supply:
There are 2 kinds of LED drive power, one is to use a constant current power supply, the model efficiency is high, the PF value reaches as high as 0.95, high performance price ratio; two is the use of constant voltage with constant current power supply, stable performance, but low efficiency, high cost, generally use this power is mainly export, the other requires certification requirements, must use the power supply safety of the. In fact, the family use constant current power supply is very safe, because users are difficult to contact to the power supply, and the lamp itself is used for low voltage electrical safety.
8.Install pendant:
Suspension wire, the fixing bracket is used for installing and fixing accessories.
From the angle of quality control, in order to improve the light efficiency of the additional money on LED light and LED light guide plate is the most effective, from the marketing point of view, the additional money on aluminum frame cover pendant can enhance the grade of products.

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