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Intelligent city LED alone is enough

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The LED lamp can be used for lighting, but in addition, they can also be used to do what? The Danish capital Copenhagen says, it also helps to build smart city. The city has launched a smart city projects, such as automatic shade of streetlights, aims to create a carbon balance (2025 capital will also be the world's first).

Intelligent city


LED lamp should be how to realize the city intelligent?
The fixing frame is mounted on the LED lamp on induction, can collect data management of city traffic, improve the efficiency of the city.
The traffic light is equipped with induction, operation can tell the driver signal by mobile phone. Induction LED lantern light in the vehicle approached, but without surrounding vehicles are not bright.
LED lamp wireless network has begun to guide the rider who, since then no longer need to wait for the red light.
The city street lamp with LED, not only improves the lighting efficiency, energy saving.
Although the system is still in its early stages, but Copenhagen has been at the forefront of the world, the public lighting as a large induction instrument network support, coordination of various urban functions and services: relieve traffic congestion, prediction of snow disaster, monitoring streets etc..
In the future, LED induction technology can do more.
To help the rider to catch the light, so that they get the fastest route.
To remind the health sector Street garbage garbage box full.
Copenhagen is testing a system for diesel motor vehicle driver remind traffic lights, thereby reducing the red light time, can be fuel-efficient.
Peak period, the system will be a priority service buses and bicycles, followed by the car.
Copenhagen has also installed a new lighting system, prompt in the right turn lane on the driver in front of a rider appeared.
Copenhagen is not the only use of the technology of city. Such as Chicago, Barcelona, Stockholm also used the technology of network to reduce the fuel consumption, traffic, energy consumption data information collection. In general, is to make cities more efficient. LED lighting has great potential, in the next three years, cities around the world will change into 50000000 aging lighting LED lamp.
Perhaps not many smart city requirements, only need to use the LED lamp for daily monitoring provides a lot of convenience.


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