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Green energy improve lighting quality

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With the development of social productivity, the science and technology unceasing renewal, the more people recognize the role of energy in the production of life. But the energy is not inexhaustible, inexhaustible, so everyone in the world started to study how to saving energy, have hailed the energy-saving emission reduction. Energy saving and emission reduction engineering design, the main is to make the construction of the project can meet the requirements of green building.

Application of green energy-saving materials in the factory, the factory, the main building is divided into two kinds, one kind is the office building, dormitory building, comprehensive building, is a class of plant and ancillary building. Now from the aspect of energy saving and emission reduction to the brief analysis of factory building how to realize green nature itself, how to implement energy-saving emission reduction.

Intelligent LED High Bay Light is a light purple non polluting materials and infrared radiation, to protect the role of the eyes and the environmental protection, no high pressure does not absorb dust, the elimination of the traditional high voltage source factory lamp lampshade for high-pressure suction of dust brought too much dust and the influence of light radiation.

LED lamp is a new type of energy-efficient lighting, with these features: long life is about 100000 hours, the energy consumption of an ordinary incandescent lamp 1/10, do not contain mercury, environmental protection and recycling. Under the same power, 10 times the brightness of an ordinary incandescent lamp, the use of standard lamp, can be directly replace traditional light bulbs.

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