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LED intelligent office lighting

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We are in the development of intelligent LED Lighting products on the road has been more confused, the presence of other development path between the intelligent system solutions with a single lamp intelligent solutions in the future development direction of LED lamps, especially in office lighting product development, we put forward some ideas and concepts, in the intelligent lighting field, involves a large number of adjustable light, color temperature, we put forward the concept of equilibrium somatosensory illumination, and utilized in product design.

Why do we need intelligent lighting?

Through the intelligent control system can achieve better imagined scenario, make life more comfortable and beautiful, but also to the low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection role. Intelligent control applied at present mainly include: application, LED home scene intelligent control applications, LED office environment intelligent control application of intelligent control LED outdoor scene. But the current promotion of intelligent lighting there are several major obstacles: first, need system support, the difficulty of construction is relatively large; second, the system cost is relatively high, most users find it difficult to accept; third, need professional technical personnel for debugging.

1. Lamp and light source to reduce cost, improve the integration of favorable heat dissipation capability
LED light is now relatively mature market basically is to replace the light market, such as a fluorescent lamp tube, now many manufacturers to mass production of the lamp panel, LED as the light source products have been the majority of consumers to accept, surrogate market will become more and more mature, and the quantity will be very high, but only as a simple alternative to the traditional light source, and can not play out of all the advantages of LED, calculated in accordance with the theory of life LED, will achieve 50000 hours. The lamp shell and parts of the life may also shorter than the life of the light source, the lamp shell may be earlier than the light source is broken, so the integration of lamps and light source, the cost savings at the same time, also can improve the heat dissipation efficiency.

2. Power supply is a key technology and cost in the fixture part
In the lamp technology content is the highest power, safety inspection only and power (power and lamp separation type). Therefore, the driving power supply and the lamp split, the power of different power, different functions and the same lamps of different combinations can form different products.

3. In the commercial lighting, especially office lighting, power supply of a high power and a plurality of lamp combination has become the future direction of development, this structure has several advantages. First, the economy is good, power is greater, the lower the cost per watt.

Power more life and higher reliability. Heat small power difference, electronic components is too tight, especially the electrolytic capacitor heat.

Power is greater, the higher conversion efficiency.

4. How to realize the intelligent office lighting
Now the intelligent lighting are formulated in twentieth Century at the end of the 90's standard, wireless control scheme was also not particularly popular. In fact, including WiFi, USB, Bluetooth technology can be used in intelligent lighting, which comprises a power supply manufacturers are doing different schemes to adapt to future wireless intelligent solutions. When the need for wireless control, can be an external wireless intelligent module, and then converted into a small bus interior.

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