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LED fluorescent lamp and power meter

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We all know that the need for a high voltage LED Tube Light start light, normal light only allowed through small current, then the voltage at both ends of the lighting tube is lower than the power supply voltage.

LED fluorescent lamp

When the switch is turned on, the voltage of the power supply immediately through the filament lamp ballast and starter added to the poles. The 220V voltage immediately so that the inert gas ionization starter, generating a glow discharge. Glow discharge heat causes the bimetallic strip is heated and expanded, the poles contact. The current through the ballast, starter touch and ends of filament to form a pathway. Filament very quickly by the current heating, emit large amounts of electronic.

Working principle: because the fluorescent lamp starter poles of closed, interelectrode voltage is zero, the glow discharge disappeared, the temperature in the tube is reduced; the double metal sheet automatic reset, the poles disconnected. At the poles disconnected moment, circuit current suddenly cut off, ballast produces self induction electromotive force big, overlapped with the supply voltage acting on the pipe ends.

A large number of electronic heated filament emission out, on both ends of the lamp tube under the action of high voltage, with great speed from low potential end to the high potential end movement. In the process of accelerated motion, argon gas molecules collide tube, so that rapid ionization. Argon ionization heat, heat the mercury steam is produced, followed by mercury vapor is ionized, and issued a strong ultraviolet rays. Excitation in the ultraviolet, wall issue within the phosphor nearly white visible light.

The daylight lamp power general 9W.14W.18W.22W.26W.36W, used in the method of load capacitor in parallel to increase the daylight lamp power factor, we generally think of power does not affect the entire load of fluorescent lamp. But careful analysis is can increase the load power. For improving the daylight lamp power factor, current small loss small, fluorescent lamp load voltage to improve so as to improve the load power.

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