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LED High Bay light radiating

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LED High Bay Light after the listing has been in a hot state cooling package, but the R&D department has not stopped, an early start to the next generation of product research, technical reserves, deep research and development of heat dissipation in new technology, a wide range of collection based on to listen to the views of users, after a year of development, testing, overclocking three the formal launch of the new LED High Bay lighting kit.

This is another innovation in the LED field of the heat radiator, a number of new technologies or first appeared in the production of products. LED High Bay light radiating kit installation is simple, safe and reliable, and can be widely applied to high shed factory, workshop, warehouse, exhibition hall, gymnasium, shipyards, mines, highway toll stations, gas station, supermarket, free market of agricultural products and other places needing lighting, lamp, and the service life of product is stable up to 50000 hours, energy-saving is more than the traditional energy-saving lamp energy saving more than 70%. As a large power LED radiating field leader, are used more in the past used for riveting technology of large power, large power LED heat pipe cooling package.

Heat pipe is called a "heat of the superconductor, the heat conduction performance of it than any metal known human. Pure copper heat pipe and heat source zero distance fitting, quickly will transfer to the module body heat radiation emitted by the light source, and then by the modularized radiating body sends out.

Modular heat radiation body is an innovative overclocking three, LED lighting manufacturer it is light and strong, heat pipe tightly riveting, minimize the interfacial thermal resistance, uniform heat dissipation. Radiator internal and external transparent composed of multiple modules of the radiating body, and the lower air channel is formed on the fin 3D three-dimensional radiating, the greatest degree of heat.

Match the scale type of pure aluminum reflector, the reflector is made of high purity 99.85% aluminum, anodized and polishing treatment, in the optimization of lighting performance while minimizing the glare. There are 45°, 90°, 120° other reflector choice, meet the professional light distribution requirements, in order to adapt to different occasions.

Built in power supply, small occupied space, the whole lamp more harmonious and beautiful; to split an external power supply, is beneficial to heat radiation, improve the efficiency, stability and service life of power supply, can according to your different needs, choose the most suitable power bit. Collocation PC lampshade with uniform luminous, suppress the glare, characteristics of soft light, suitable for supermarket fresh light lamp, etc..

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