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Warehouse storage workshop lighting lamp

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Where to buy led lights, Lighting in the warehouse according to the needs of the types of warehouse storage of goods to the configuration, such as ordinary goods with LED High Bay Light floodlight lamp or wall mounted lighting can be, if the storage of goods as high-risk chemical raw materials or flammable and explosive need explosion-proof lamp use professional, because the lamp may be in operation or unexpected situation under short circuit current leakage and fire or explosion.

LED high bay

Led high bay light ceiling styles factory warehouse lighting the most commonly used, configurable electrodeless lamp light source or LED light source can, according to the warehouse environment may be explosive toughened glass can be installed IP54 protection grade separated, prevent dust or dust covers lighting, reducing the lamp brightness.

The explosion-proof choice is the need to pay more attention to, must be professional explosion-proof lamp configuration with explosion-proof qualification, otherwise unable to afford the explosion-proof function.

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