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What reason LED street light is not bright?

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General LED Street Light is made up of several parts

1, LED chip.

2, LED aluminum plate.

3, The radiator.

4, Drive power supply.

In general step-down and cross flow of alternating current through the drive power supply ac into composite LED excitation input rated voltage and current to the LED chip, LED.

So we in the LED street lamp not bright consider two aspects:

1, The drive power supply

LED life is generally 50000 work hours, the service life of about 10 to 15 years, so we first have to doubt the damaged object is LED street lamp driver power supply, LED drive power supply output is measured with a voltmeter if the voltage is not normal, that has been damaged, as long as the replacement of the same type of drive power supply.

2, The LED chip and LED circuit

This happens less, because the damage to the LED chip is a gradual process, in general is dimming first, and then gradually extinguished, if it is not bright, suddenly driver is damaged, or replace the driver is still not bright, line is connected, then it may be damaged by lightning, then need to be replaced.

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