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What are the trends of LED lighting products

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LED bulb and LED days lantern is the most hot field of LED lighting products for the competition, price is should be the phrase "no minimum, only lower" words. After the last year prices rush, LED bulb Light, LED Panel Light and LED lamp has become a large LED general market leading products, that in addition to the three LED products, which products or applications will become the focus of competition next?

LED Panel Light application

LED Bulb Light. LED Bulb Light lighting market is the largest civil market, and civilian most is the spherical bulb, so LED bulb is to replace the traditional incandescent lamp model of green light source, because the people with the habit of the ball type lamp. The traditional incandescent lamp high energy consumption, short service life, in the global resources tense environment, has been gradually by governments to ban the production, instead of products is the electronic energy saving lamps, electronic energy saving lamp while improving the energy saving effect, but due to the use of a lot of environmental pollution of heavy metal elements, but also go against the trend of environmental protection. With the rapid development of LED technology, LED lighting has gradually become a new type of green lighting of choice. LED are far superior in light principle, energy saving, environmental protection level of traditional lighting products.

LED Tube Light. LED Tube Light is also commonly known as the LED light tubes, LED fluorescent lamp, LED fluorescent lamp, the light source using LED as luminous body. The traditional fluorescent tubes also known as fluorescent lamp, lamp at both ends of each of a filament lamp is filled with trace argon and rare mercury vapor, on inner wall of the tube is coated with fluorescent powder, ultraviolet radiation gas between the two filament conductive, so that the fluorescent powder to emit visible light. Due to the presence of heavy metal pollutants "Mercury", which makes the fluorescent lamp scrapped the pollution of the environment is very serious. And LED lamp using light-emitting diode as a light source, high light efficiency, more energy saving, longer service life, but also for environmental protection. Become the most ideal products to replace the fluorescent lamp of the present stage. LED Tube Light installation is very simple, the installation of the original fluorescent lamp will be removed and replaced by the LED tube, and the ballast and starter removed, so that 220V AC power directly added to the two ends of the LED lamp tube. LED Tube Light energy saving up to 70% or more, life is more than 10 times the ordinary lamp, is virtually maintenance free, there is no need to often change the lamp tube, a ballast and a starter question, about half a year down the savings can change the cost.

LED panel light. Although the LED panel light is born in 2009, is a new lighting products, but in fact, as early as in the traditional lighting times it has prototype -- grille lamp and lamp. LED panel light can not completely replace the lamp because in effect, downlight with focus lighting effect. But the big lamp panel is grid lamp upgrades, because of its beautiful shape and light efficiency and uniform, and has advantages in terms of price, the future will completely replace the grille lamp. Considered from the aspect of green lighting design, LED panel light environmental protection material, small power consumption, are superior to the grille lamp luminous efficiency and brightness of illumination and so on, truly the day, lantern, night lighting, which is gradually replacing the grille lamp light source with T8 fluorescent lamp. The panel lamp is instead of grille lamp. Large LED panel light market is very big, because the main application to the replacement market, replacing the original grille lamp. And now the light panel is more innovation, can be extended to the field of home lighting, thus replacing ceiling lamps.

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