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LED lights more energy into the thousands of households

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LED and traditional light source compared with energy-saving advantages. Red LED and green LED has been invented, but for a long time, manufacturing Blu ray LED became a problem, the lack of the three primary colors of blue, unable to obtain the white LED light source can be used for lighting.
Compared with the old lamp, LED lamp model to achieve the same luminous efficiency of energy consumption is much lower. Moreover, LED technology is still in progress, the luminous efficiency is also rising. Less than 1/20 of the most senior LED lamp energy consumption can be as low as ordinary lamp. Considering the current global about 1/4 of the electricity used for lighting purposes, LED technology has played an important role in saving the earth's energy. In addition, the corresponding material consumption is also greatly reduced, because the LED lamp life of up to 100000 hours, compared with incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp lifetime, only 1000 hours and 10000 hours respectively.
Because of low energy consumption, LED lights on in many underdeveloped regions in the local low cost solar can use, this brought new light source has a higher quality of life.
Many household appliances using LED technology, many cities in the implementation of energy saving reconstruction of traditional street light, the light bulb with a LED lighting, light your way home, it is this kind of Led street light.
The invention of LED technology, bring a revolution in the technology field of lighting, lighting a new more efficient, cheaper and more intelligent being developed.
Now, ultraviolet LED can also be used to sterilize the polluted water, which is the further development of LED technology brings the results.

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