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LED fluorescent light of the market analysis

At present, LED lighting market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, LED T5/T8 fluorescent tube field competition has entered the white hot stage. We choose the light source brand, the main consideration of the prospects for its development, after all, can be based on industry manufacturers and win-win.
LED daylight lamp brands, the market very active. At present, companies are striving to channels, product quality is uneven, the intrusion of inferior products affect the benign development of the market. Few consumers cognition of LED, price and appearance become the choice of the most direct factor of product. So, for now, to decide the price of market orientation, we select agent brand will also consider the product price, quality, dealer support etc.. Now, LED lighting development momentum of rapid, irreversible. For the lighting manufacturers, only follow the trend, to follow the pace of development, we will not be eliminated.

With the decline of LED lighting technology advances, the cost of raw materials, the current LEDT5/T8 fluorescent lamp has entered the market competition turns white hot stage, after several rounds of intense competition, the market became clear, profit margins gradually rational, industry towards a healthy, orderly development.

LEDT5/T8 fluorescent lamps currently belongs to replace the product, much used in engineering field. Businesses choose products with quality, price as the main factors to consider. In the next 2-3 years, LEDT5/T8 fluorescent lamp market demand will appear "blowout" growth.

View on the current market, LEDT8/T5 fluorescent lamps in the sales process, price is the deciding factor. LED energy saving and environmental protection of the selling points is really attractive, but the present LED high cost, to a wide range of promotion and application, is still very difficult to.

The current LEDT5/T8 into everyone's vision gradually in the market, and has been recognized more and more consumers. But the upstream enterprises rushing headlong into mass action, led to the emergence of product quality is uneven, the price difference is obvious such results. But as the market continues to mature, all kinds of industry rules promulgated, the next few years the market will be a veteran of the LED lamp leader group partition. All of the competition, in the final analysis, is the capital and talent reserve battle.

Electric rise will have impact on the traditional channels, but everything has advantages and disadvantages. Electric if fails to meet the willingness of consumers, consumers will be abandoned natural. While the brand shop, no matter from the visual sensory, display products, after-sales service are superior to the electric. Of course, electric business has its advantages at a low cost, convenient operation, logistics and quick. If the LED fluorescent tube is damaged can quickly resolve in electric, electric business mode is also one of the advantages of channel. The future channel has formed two major directions: distribution channels and the business channel, and channel product structure of the two accounted for more than would be "shared world".

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