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LED light replacement for fluorescent tube

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LED Tube Light with the traditional fluorescent lamp in installation dimensions are the same caliber, length 60cm and 90cm, 120cm, such as three, its power, respectively, 14w and 9w 18w, and traditional fluorescent lamp (ballast) 18w the actual power consumption of about 53w, 40w fluorescent lamp traditional (ballast) the actual power consumption of about 68w.
9w LED daylight lamp brightness than the traditional 40 w fluorescent light, 14w LED fluorescent tube than traditional 64w fluorescent tube light, LED fluorescent lamp brightness is especially more soft and makes it easy to connect. Life in 50000-80000 hours of power supply, voltage is AC100V - 240v (ac), quick start, small power, no stroboscopic, not easy to visual fatigue.
LED fluorescent tube, working long hours can droop caused by aging, especially for high power LED light failure problem is more serious. In measuring the LED life, only to the damage of the lamp for LED the end of life is not enough, should be specified by the percentage of light attenuation to the LED the life of the LED.
LED fluorescent tube power saving more than 80%, the life expectancy of more than 10 times of ordinary lamp, is almost free maintenance, often there is no want to change the lamp, ballast, the problem of electric fluorescent starter, about half a year down can switch back to the cost of cost savings. Green environmental protection of semiconductor lighting, the light is downy, spectrum pure, is good for eyesight protection of workers and healthy body, the 7000 k cold light source, give a person the feeling of cool and refreshing on the vision, help to concentrate, improve efficiency.
LED fluorescent tube installation is very simple, installation time to get off the original fluorescent lamp with new LED daylight lamp, ballast and electric fluorescent starter, let 220 v ac mains directly added to the LED fluorescent tube at both ends.
led light replacement for fluorescent tube is inevitable trend, LED daylight lamp advantage analysis is as follows:
1. LED fluorescent tube service life is long: the incandescent lamp life expectancy of 1000-2000 hours, ordinary fluorescent lamp life 6000 hours, the theory of life of LED lamp for up to 5-80000 hours.
2. LED fluorescent tube environmental protection: the LED fluorescent lamp light length of time, no ultraviolet and infrared light in the spectrum, the light pollution, no radiation, can reduce carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and other emissions of harmful material chemical composition;
3. LED daylight lamp installation is convenient, can be directly mounted to the mast in ordinary fluorescent lamp, existing fluorescent lamp bracket users, the starter off and ballast, the inductance ballast line cut off, stand on both ends of the line can be directly connected to mains 220 v;
4. LED fluorescent tube start advantages: low voltage LED daylight lamp driver circuit design with wide voltage, power supply voltage range can be normal boot light, effectively prevent impact work by 0 voltage is too low or too high, can adapt to remote places because of the low voltage;
5. LED fluorescent tube in a variety of styles: LED fluorescent tube inside the LED light source is made up of many of the series-parallel connection, single volume is small, so it's convenient to manufacture into various shape LED fluorescent tube. The appearance of ordinary LED fluorescent lamp is only single overall.

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