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LED bulb working principle and function characteristics

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The core part of the light emitting diode chip is composed of P type semiconductor and N type semiconductor, between the P type semiconductor and N type semiconductor has a transition layer, called the p-n junction. In some semiconductor materials of PN junction, the injected minority carrier and majority carrier compound, will the extra energy released in the form of light, and thus the electric energy can be directly converted into light energy. PN junction reverse voltage, a few hard carrier injection, it is not luminous. The use of injection electroluminescent diodes is produced by the principle of light emitting diodes, commonly known as LED. When it is in the positive state of the work (i.e., at both ends with forward voltage), the current flows from the LED anode cathode, semiconductor crystal emitted from the ultraviolet to the infrared light of different colors, light and the strength of the current.
1. Voltage: LED using low voltage power supply, power supply voltage between 6-24V, according to the different products vary, so it is safer than the use of high voltage power supply, especially suitable for public places.
2. Efficacy: incandescent light efficiency is to reduce energy consumption 80%.
3. Applicability: very small pieces, each unit of LED is 3-5mm square, so the devices can be prepared into various shapes, and is suitable for variable environment.
4. Stability: 100000 hours, light attenuation for the initial 50%.
5. Response time: the response time of the incandescent lamp is in milliseconds, response time of LED lamp for NS pole.
6. The pollution of the environment: no harmful metal mercury.
7. Color: change the current can change color, light-emitting diodes by chemical modification method, the band structure and band gap adjustment materials, implementation of red yellow green blue color light orange. Such as low current red LED, along with the current increase, we can turn to orange, yellow, and green finally.
8. Price: the price of LED is more expensive, than incandescent lamps, a few LED prices can and an incandescent lamp for the same price, but usually each signal lamp by 300 ~ 500 diodes form.
LED lighting lamp has the following characteristics
1, High purity, rich and bright colors. At present LED products almost cover the entire visible spectral range, and high color purity. The traditional way to obtain a color light is incandescent lamp with optical filter, greatly reduce the efficiency of light.
2, Long life. The actual life of LED more than 50000 hours, is several times or even several times the general light source.
3, No mercury light source, ultraviolet without beam. LED light source are solid, green environmental protection, especially suitable for perfume shops, jewelry stores, museums, art galleries and other places of professional, can meet the special requirements of lighting display of goods.
4, Solid luminescence, good seismic performance, firm and reliable.
5, Energy saving, economy, maintenance free.
6, The dynamic color control, adjustable lighting, colors LED combination can be realized using PWM color change.
7, LED has strong luminous direction, high utilization ratio of luminous flux, and has the advantages of small size, easy to LED lamp appearance design and intensity distribution control.
8, LED can adopt DC low voltage power supply, safe and reliable.
9, LED is not affected by the starting temperature limit, transient start-up, a few MS, and can achieve the luminous flux output transient.

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