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The led is harmful to people is eyes

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The LED Lights technology development of high power make a spurt of progress, coupled with the recent LED Lights prices substantially lower, which raises the family decoration user attention.
However, recent test results show that, some in the market for sale cheap inferior LED lamp has a security risk when in normal use. Shanghai Bureau of quality and technical supervision organization of professional testing agencies to monitor the city sales of LED lighting part of the product, 27 LED Lights found in the sample, under normal conditions of use have a sample to moderate risk, eye close open source will cause harm to the retina.
And have a strong stimulating effect on the human eye is blue, effects of different wavelength blue light relative to the different, the greatest harm between 435 nm -440 nm blue light. Many, blue light emitted from the light source in the daily life of LED lamp, fluorescent lamp, liquid crystal display etc.. Currently on the market a lot of common LED Lights, there are many is by the blue LED chip with yellow fluorescent powder mixed false white LED light source energy peak, it marks the band blue.
In fact, the blue light is existed in the world of light and the light, an important part of the composition in the sun, the human living environment in everywhere. The Blu ray and LED equivalent to "retinal damage" illogical. But to prevent trouble before it happens, to prevent the LED blue light damage to the eyes, one of the most important is to avoid the eye long time open source surface, so measures should be taken, such as the installation of the lamp shade to prevent the direct light eyes. Generally speaking, the warm tone in LED to less than the proportion of blue light cold tone LED, consumers in the purchase of LED lighting products, also can focus on product use LED beads brand.
Special attention is needed to give children should avoid using the LED lamp has no shade. The eyes of a child is delicate, lens more clear than adults, unable to effectively filter the Blu ray. While the children curiosity strong and light nature, LED lamp the same brightness seems no incandescent and energy-saving Lights traditional so dazzling. If long time by a large number of LED blue light point blank, may lead to children retinal hemorrhage injury, serious and even lead to retinal hole, even blindness.
LED Lights need to be cautious to buy, please clear LED lamp of your choice with that company is the brand of LED lamp. The number of purchase lamps is much, can also require the LED lamp manufacturers using the specified LED lamp brand.

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