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3N LED a new model of energy energy-saving

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Energy saving and environmental protection is one of the keywords in LED era. T8 LED Tube Light in the replacement of traditional at the same time, whether in the light efficiency or performance of energy saving and environmental protection, are favored by the public.
3NLED T8 lighting the series using the full PC shell, high efficiency, energy saving, safety, is the best choice to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp light source. Optical design of a professional, with different length, power, color selection, which can meet the needs of different places of lighting.
Safe and free of electric shock hazard: housing ordinary lamp more for aluminum + semi arc mask, double end input mode, the existence of hidden danger of electric shock. 3NLED by using integrated PC shell, single ended input mode, the electric shock risk of incorrect operation is reduced to zero.
Even light, no glare: use of optical grade full arc PC cover, source sink style design, a mask is coated in the high reflecting material, soft light without glare.
Energy saving and environmental protection and long service life: the driving power supply technology, high reliability electronic components and materials, can guarantee the use worry free in the -20 degrees ~45 degrees, high power factor more than 0.95, effectively reduce the burden of power grid.
The perfect show true colors: LED T8 tube light display index public (Ra) as high as 85, can restore the color of goods the most real.
3NLED Lighting T8 lamp series, in strict compliance with the standard 1:1 T8 fluorescent lamp tube size, with the traditional bracket, lamp panel a of a seamless replacement, energy savings of up to 44%, is the preferred energy-saving products to replace the project in. Application of places, but also can meet the demand of different places, wide application, underground garage, workshop, office, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, shopping malls and so on.

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