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LED lamp has the application problems

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1, The LED color difference problem
Led Lights have off color, it must be the quality. The colour of the LED is mainly for the quality control of factory when purchasing LED chips, LED chip purchasing main relationship is wavelength. The application of a single LED, basically there is no color difference problem, but if will be put into use or many leds to a lamp with multiple leds at the same time, the off color problem is out.
2, Leds insulation problems
(here refers to the heat dissipation base slabs insulation leds are negative) so far as to still did not solve the fundamental problem, just take remedy measures, such as aluminum plate to deal with the insulation (the original no insulation aluminum plate, are now almost done) may be you feel do not understand. A single LED not insulation, impact is not big, more than series when there is a problem.
3, LED lights pulse resistance problem
The problem and the manufacturer is controversial, do exist in the actual application, the main reaction on cold pulse, namely on electric moment, a few leds on the cold electric instant breakdown or disconnected. Is not a static or caused by high pressure (boot voltage in the range).
4, The LED light Angle problem
Due to the various manufacturers of LED lens packaging is not the same, even the same light Angle (nominal), then the effect is different also, makes it harder to the selection of condenser cover, Still unable to general.
5, LED light attenuation and life
LED decay and lifetime of a more serious problem, coupled with the heat dissipation is solved, actuators, are likely to affect the decay and lifetime of LED.
6, Drive LED power problem
Most of the current drive circuit is borrowed from the switching power supply, of course, there are also very fractional line is designed for LED driver, but basically the same effect, because LED must take the DC drive, constant current control, making the driver circuit is quite huge, cannot place on a par with electronic transformer, but also the efficiency is relatively low, up to 80% good (single has not yet reached). In addition, manufacturers as the pursuit of applicability, claims that a driver can take ten a casually take, in fact this is a misunderstanding, although it is a constant current, the starting voltage is too high tend to die in a moment of LED.
7, LED lamp shape constrained
Because LED is a single light emitting characteristics, making LED the modelling of lamps and lanterns limited.

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