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The LED lamp lights analysis of death

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We often come across the LED lights does not shine, packaging companies, manufacturers and the use of units and individuals, are likely to encounter, this is in the industry say the dead light phenomenon.
One, The electric leakage flow through the LED caused by the failure of PN junction, the LED lamps to the point does not shine, this usually does not affect other work LED lamp.
Two, Internal connection wire of LED lamp is disconnected, resulting in no current through the LED lamp produced dead lights, this situation will affect the normal work of other LED lamps, LED lamps is due to low working voltage (red yellow orange LED working voltage 1.8V-2.2V, blue green white LED working voltage of 2.8-3.2V), are generally required to use the string, parallel connection, to adapt to different working voltage of the LED lamp series, more the greater the impact, as long as there is a LED lamp inside line open, will cause the whole series of LED series circuit of the lamp is not lit, visible this is much more serious than the first case.
LED lamp death is Guan Jian influence product quality, reliability, how to reduce and eliminate dead lights, improve product quality and reliability, which is the key problem to packaging, manufacturers need to solve.
Electrostatic damage to the LED chip, the PN junction LED chip failure, leakage current increases, becomes a resistance.
Static electricity is a great harm to the devil, the world because of electrostatic damage to electronic components countless, resulting in tens of millions of dollars in economic losses. So to prevent electrostatic damage to electronic components, is a very important work of the electronics industry, LED lamp package, enterprise applications must not be taken lightly. Any link problems, will cause damage to the LED lamp, LED lights to make bad performance or even failure. We know that the human body static electricity can reach three thousand volts, enough to the LED chip breakdown, the LED lamp package production lines, all kinds of equipment grounding resistance is to meet the requirements, it is also very important, the general requirements for the grounding resistance of 4 ohms, and some demanding occasions the grounding resistance even to reach less than or equal to 2 ohm.
The general private enterprises, anti-static measures do not reach the designated position, this is the majority of enterprises not check test records of grounding resistance, even the ground resistance test is once a year, or a few years at a time, or when there is a problem to check the grounding resistance of grounding resistance testing, not knowing it is a very important job, at least 4 times a year (every quarter test once), some of the requirements of high places, per month to a ground resistance test.
Damage to the LED lamp body static electricity is great, work should wear anti-static clothing, with electrostatic ring, static ring should be well grounded, there is a need not static grounding ring antistatic effect is not good, it is recommended not to use with this kind of product, the human body electrostatic much different fabrics clothes and every man with people wearing the constitution related to autumn and winter night we take off the clothes is very easy to see the discharge phenomenon between the clothes, the electrostatic discharge voltage is three thousand v.

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