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LED fluorescent lamp Electric leakage problem

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LED Tube Light Electric leakage problems frequently seen in some forum or website, as a technician of the spectrum, providing some how to solve the Electric leakage problem for you, the problem of Electric leakage common are used device is a 380V three-phase voltage, using a multimeter to measure LED aluminum casing and their equipment have a voltage of about 100V.
Measured between the aluminum shell and the earth no voltage, and the demolition of a lamp to see next, power output lines, input line without breaking the skin, insulating paper is wrapped (with a non isolated power supply).
How to solve this problem
Equipment Electric leakage light point.
Induction voltage, high frequency circuit in magnetic field should be out of voltage in the heat sink on the. Whether the isolated power supply is not isolated power supply, the insulation strength you must meet the safety requirements, L/N on the shell, the insulation withstand voltage up to AC1440V is the minimum requirement.
Done a test, the lamp tube is wrapped with insulating paper, a conductor clingy tube around a circle, draw on the measured voltage, another situation is close to the conductor and the tube placed in parallel, can detect a voltage on the tube, and surround the conductor on the measured voltage to earth than the conductor placed in parallel with the tube voltage to ground is much higher, so that the lamp tube and parallel to the direction of the magnetic field is strong, and the lamp tube on the vertical direction of the magnetic field is relatively weak. Source of induction electric there may be supply route, because I have ever met.
The solution, intended to build the first lamp line disconnection detection LED power supply in turn off the switch after AC had about 100V voltage, if the electricity from the grid, then detection circuit. 

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