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LED lamps do not contain mercury

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Now most people already know, LED lamps is a new energy saving light source. But there are a lot of advantages has often been ignored, that is, no pollution and environmental protection.
While Mercury has a low boiling point, in the normal temperature evaporation. A light source of waste discarded after crushing, immediately emit mercury vapor to the surrounding, instantaneous can make the mercury concentration in ambient air reached 10-20 mg / m3, exceeding the state set of mercury in air maximum allowable concentration (0.01 mg / m3) of 1000 to 2000 times.
1 milligrams of mercury pollution of drinking water to 5454.5 kilograms, so as not to safe drinking standards. Mercury caused by air and water pollution is very serious consequences, aquatic organisms after eating will generate the CH3Hg, which is a toxic, as long as half an ear spoon can kill. Mercury itself will damage the central nervous system, which caused reproductive defects effect is also very serious, mercury can damage the kidneys and liver, in condition of enough doses can even lead to death. Mercury can be in different ways in the soil, water, atmosphere, even in the food chain transfer. Therefore, durability, easy mobility and the height of the bioaccumulation of mercury, that become the world's one of the most high-profile environmental pollutants.
Because there is no special recovery mechanism and recycling regulations, so most of the daylight lamp and energy-saving lamp is buried as ordinary garbage, regardless of fluorescent lamps or energy-saving lamps are adopted the most fragile glass as the shell, so the mercury must be run, and because Mercury is very high, very sink easily infiltration into the ground water, and then be drinking.
All use of mercury vapor light electric light source, is the use of electronic bombardment mercury vapor produced ultraviolet. The ultraviolet ray is a kind of environmental pollution. The main wavelength of 2537 angstrom =2537x10-10m =253.7nm, called the UV-C ultraviolet. Electric energy can be converted into about 60% ultraviolet consumption, other energy (about 40%) is converted to heat energy. By the absorption of UV fluorescent substances in the tube surface after release of visible light.
In does not turn on the light, in the 0.5-3GHz frequency range, the House measure microwave radiation per square centimeter 0.011 micro watt (0.011 W/cm2), incandescent lamp to light a 60W after microwave constant; after the change into energy-saving lamp 15W, microwave values up to 50 micro watt per square centimeter (50 W/ cm2), is 5000 times of incandescent lamp. And then replaced with energy-saving lamp 26W, the microwave radiation values up to 100 micro watt per square centimeter (100 W/cm2), is 10000 times of incandescent lamp, even higher than the phone almost.
And the electromagnetic wave intensity 15 Watt energy-saving lamp is about 70 without Gauss, the electromagnetic wave intensity 26 watt energy-saving lamps of 80 milli Gauss. 60 watt incandescent lamp is almost 0 for fluorescent lamps and energy saving lamps mechanism is exactly the same, so microwave radiation fluorescent lamp will only higher than the energy-saving lamps, and never less than the energy-saving lamps.
As for what will cause the disease is unclear. The long-term work in front of the computer, the probability to glaucoma to one times higher than other people, to know the LCD computer is used for cold cathode fluorescent lamp is similar to the fluorescent lamp as backlight.
The LED lamp is a completely free of mercury full of environmentally friendly products, but also no ultraviolet radiation, but the driver has very low power microwave radiation. With this new light source completely eliminate all kinds of pollution, so it can be called truly "green light".

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