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Engineering application of LED indoor lighting lamp

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Application of LED light indoor lighting engineering mainly in the field of commercial lighting, decorative lighting mainly to. The details are as follows:
1, In the high-end stores, shopping malls and other commercial atmosphere of indoor lighting energy saving and environmental protection, no ultraviolet rays, cater to some businesses show personalized light environment psychology, as some businesses for some special products show the preferred light source; its full spectrum color range is very suitable for foil monopoly stores and shop atmosphere, the advantages of LED light source in the local lighting and focus lighting and area lighting, to create a high quality light environment of other traditional lighting electric light source can match, very suitable for the field of commercial lighting. At this time, price becomes a subordinate consideration.
2, Lighting, entertainment, beauty salon, LED lamp integrated light source color and easy to control, lighting effects can create static and dynamic, to any color the full spectrum white light, rendering a strong entertainment atmosphere, the appearance of LED opens a new train of thought to the decoration design of this kind of space environment.
3, The bar, Coffee hall leisure places atmosphere lighting, LED light source has the advantages of small volume, solid state lighting, the lighting manufacturers to infinite space to play, can the professional production of all kinds of different styles, and any color LED lamp full spectrum lighting effects and dynamic static let its decoration and manufacturing sentiment function in this places show most incisive.
4, Museums, art galleries, these places of professional lighting Museum, art galleries, these places belong to high requirements on lighting environment for special occasions, the display of goods the special requirements of the lighting source does not contain UV, no heat radiation. LED is a cold light source, ultraviolet without light, can fully meet the special requirements of the museum, art gallery of lighting.
5, Commercial Television Studio Theatre, dance and photography of stage lighting.
6, Hotel, hotel, hotel hotel lighting lighting using LED products, or in the lobby, or in the room, to bring customers a different feeling, in addition to energy conservation, but also luxurious and warm, to the owners, light environment to create personalized can fully demonstrate the strength of enterprises.
7, Conference room, LED gray hall lighting intelligent control of the multi function adjustable, can according to different lighting environment adjustment meeting content chamber or multi function hall, serious and lively can freely set, LED lamp intelligent lighting can meet different conference theme of light environment requirements.
8, The exhibition, fashion show lighting exhibition, fashion show is a businessman to display their products and services of the site. Businessmen, in order to attract customers, sell goods and reach a cooperation agreement, they need light environment personalized to display their products and services, the LED lamps are useful in exhibition and a fashion show lighting field.
9, The living room and home theater lighting using LED lights color to set off a warm, harmonious, romantic emotional appeal, embodied comfortable, casual atmosphere. The application of LED as Home Furnishing lighting interpretation of another kind of significance.

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