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LED lighting how to buy affordable and reasonable

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The first step: product packaging thin look
LED Lighting products regular, mark there must be lighting the product packaging parameters, manufacturer, origin, contact. Through product packaging, consumers can first understand that the brightness, color, energy saving and service life are most concerned about the purchase of factors, so as to the right to choose their own products. If none of these on the product packaging logo, for non regular products, so the product quality can not be guaranteed, consumers in the use of the process found damaged bulbs can also be difficult to find manufacturers of after-sales service. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of LED lighting ago to carefully read the product packaging.
The second step: pick up the lighting carefully observe
After reading LED lighting product packaging, next, take out the bulb see, touch, A wave, measure. First look at the appearance of the bulb, the overall appearance should be smooth, uniform and free of scratches; secondly, touch the bulb surface should be everywhere, smooth surface, no obvious thorn hand feeling; again, hard shake a bulb, internal stress of abnormal sound, such as the internal ring, probably because of its internal components are not fixed or lamps there is debris, extremely easy to cause short circuit and damage the internal lighting lamps; finally, ask the manufacturer in a dark environment LED lighting, observe the color and brightness, and whether the lamp light stability, color uniform, whether light on whether the eyes comfortable.
The third step: safety and environmental protection both
LED lighting as a household electrical appliance, its safety is the priority among priorities. Therefore, consumers must choose to obtain the national product quality certification LED lighting products, be sure to check the safety certification of products, only made the safety certification of products, in the security, performance and quality can only be guaranteed. These signs will generally appear in the product packaging or packaging box inside the product specification, consumers should carefully check in the selection of LED bulb.
Important factors to be considered green environmental protection is to buy LED bulb, LED bulb qualified infrared and ultraviolet radiation, do not contain mercury element may be a health hazard disposal will not cause harm to the environment. More and more emphasis on environmental protection of consumers, the purchase will see the relevant logo on product packaging.
The fourth step: a comprehensive consideration to the need for the first
The space environment of each family is not the same, consumers should be based on the use of the environment to select a suitable LED bulb, rather than the more light the better, not the more expensive the better. In addition, the brightness of different places, kitchen, living room need a bedroom, bathroom and so on are not the same, only the appropriate mix of different brightness or color of the LED lighting, lighting can create a Home Furnishing cozy or clear clear different purpose.

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