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How to choose the LED lamp

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The LED lighting has the obvious energy saving effect, long service life, no radiation, no stroboscopic effect, no noise, light and soft, wide working voltage range and a series of features, are increasingly welcomed by consumers. As consumers, the purchase of their satisfaction with the product LED lamp how dazzling in the lamp store in? How to judge the lamp is qualified or not?
Packaging and labeling. National mandatory LED lamp manufacturers in product packaging marked with the following: rated voltage and voltage range, rated power, rated frequency. Generally speaking, the trademark printing quality of quality products, mark clear, with a soft damp cloth is not easy to erase, and manufacturers of the trademark and related certification mark.
The lamp appearance. The appearance should be no cracks, loose and interfaces to be pried traces. In the process of installation and disassembly, lamp should not be loose or Waitoushan phenomenon. Plastic shell lamp must choose plastic flame retardant that project, is characterized by its surface similar to frosted glass texture. While the ordinary plastic surface is smooth and glossy, but easy to deform and flammable, is prohibited for energy-saving lamp production.
The work of the state. LED lamp under normal working state, the temperature rise should be low, if the heat condition is not good, lamp work under high temperature, light attenuation will be very big, the service life of the lamp will be greatly reduced. At the same time, the lighting in the light and closed, if there is rapid flicker, also shows that there are quality problems.
Working voice. Electromagnetic compatibility is appliances must pass project, must be in the LED lighting product packaging is printed on the national symbol of electromagnetic compatibility testing. We can also through a small test to simple judgment, with a short wave radio, when the lights work, put the radio on the nearby radio received noise is low, the better description of electromagnetic compatibility measured lamp. In the quiet environment to hear LED lamp work sound, if the lamp work sounds very clearly heard, that the lamp power is not very good.
As the basic knowledge of electrical consumers, how fast, simple and effective to buy with their own demand for LED lights products, pay attention to the following two indicators can be roughly.
Power and integrated light effect. The comprehensive effect of light LED lamp luminous efficiency is refers to a product of the LED lamp, the unit is LM / W. The higher the value the better the energy saving effect of the lamp, also more power, should choose the lumens / Watt High LED lamps. To choose the appropriate size of the LED lamp power according to the use of the environment, is currently on the market sales of the LED lamp, LED lamp can reach the size of 16 watts of power flux is equivalent to 200 watt incandescent lamp, has been sufficient to meet the 10 square meters of space lighting requirements.
Color rendering index and color temperature. The color index is an index to evaluate the ability of light source color of objects, the color rendering index reference source perfect is 100, the color rendering index higher, indicating color light source to the object more close to the true color reaction. Generally considered: 80 ~ 100, the color of the fine; 50 ~ 79, the color and general; less than 50 was considered poor color rendering. Color temperature of the unit is Kelvin (K), red light source color temperature in the 800K ~ 900K, white light source color temperature about 3000K, white light source color temperature of 5500K, light blue light source color temperature in the 8000K ~ 12000K. Light source color Wenyi personal preferences to choose, for example, some people like the warm color lamps, lamps and lanterns so he can choose the color temperature of about 3000K.

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