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How to install LED tube light, how wiring

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Generally do not have special requirements purchase LED lamp sell mostly built in power supply, is the use of direct can; most can only need to put the starter from traditional bracket on the line (that is, a cylinder bracket below highlights) mounted on the lamp can be used.
Methods / procedures
LED Tube Light is a built-in power supply, can not change directly to the LED tube light.
LED tube light is an external power supply, the original (electronic or core) ballast down, replaced the LED power line LED tube light can be even better.
Also need to pay attention to the LED tube light is a double end into electricity or single end into electricity, double end into the electric word, two ends are connected with the electric (note the positive and negative pole) into single end electric is a head into the electricity but also need to pay attention to the positive and the negative pole.

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