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Choice of LED panel light technique

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Now science and technology changes with each passing day, a lot of things in the society in imperceptible in a significant change, computer, TV are in change, and is the most close to the life of the light also is such. Now the LED Panel Light is not as before, now the design is ingenious, the main direction is humanization, intelligent and diversification.
However, LED panel light design, not only look at one of the most important still need to be practical, after all, without a real trial, it is all floating clouds, so, now to introduce you to choose the first three criteria:
The first step is to need to look at the lamps and lanterns use radiator, cooling speed is related to the ceiling light from the darkness of the degree and service life. Everyone knows that if long time under high temperature condition, will quickly reduce the service life, and ceiling lamp brightness is not enough, there was no lighting. LED panel Light radiator, mainstream monolithic radiator way, single lamp bead a cooling column mode, plus the fan cooling mode. Moreover, the size of the radiator, aluminum also affects the quality of the cooling speed, indirect influence the change of the price of LED panel light at the same time.
The second step is to look at the lamps and lanterns of transformer, the transformer quality is the service life of the ceiling, in general, using fifty thousand hours lamp bead is no problem, but if the transformer missing or broken, ceiling is unusable. Transformer used in electronic components, design scheme is related to the efficiency of the LED panel light transformer, power factor and stability, service life, this is very important. If you don't know some knowledge that, from the size, weight of the transformer, and consulting the LED lighting manufacturers use electrolytic capacitor aspect preliminary judgment. There is a little bit of everyone concerned, that is, is the price of LED panel light is closely related to the transformer, and occupy a lot of this part.
The third step is to clear the LED panel lights, brand and packaging, light bead quality decision LED panel light illumination, encapsulation process affects the quality of lamp bead, heat dissipation and other key factors. Many different kinds of light bead chip, producers is plenty more, price difference is very big between brand, lighting effect difference is too big. Everyone can ask LED lighting manufacturers to know some information about the lamp bead, of course, these are all depends on the degree of good faith LED lighting manufacturers. In general, the cheapest price of LED panel light, many of them are using some defect chip production, at the time of use, you will find that these lights do not match the color temperature, brightness, life is short, so you must need to pay attention to the problem.

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