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The working principle of LED Tube Light

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1, LED Tube Light is using the principle of gas discharge operation, it and the name of the operation of the ballast fluorescent lamp, in addition to white (light), there are yellow (warm light). In general, under the same wattage, a light LED Tube Light than incandescent Light energy saving 80%, life expectancy extension of 8 times, thermal radiation is only 20%. Not strict case, a single 5 watts of the LED fluorescent tube light can be considered as equal to 25 watt incandescent Light, 7 watts of the LED fluorescent tube light is approximately equal to 40 watts, 9 watt is equal to about 60 watts.
LED Tube Light is mainly through the ballast to heating Light filament, around 1160 k temperature, filament began to launch electronic (because on the filament with some electronic powder), electron collision inelastic collision argon atoms, argon atomic energy obtained after impact and the impact of mercury atoms, mercury atomic ionization produced after absorbing energy transition, 253.7 nm ultraviolet radiation, ultraviolet stimulate phosphor luminescence, due to the fluorescent lamp filament temperature around 1160 k at work, than incandescent bulbs working temperature of 2200 k to 2700 k is much lower, so it is also the life of a big increase, up to 5000 hours, because it is not the current incandescent Light as the heating effect, and high energy conversion efficiency of phosphors, amounting to more than 50 lumens per watt.
Today we speak of energy-saving products are mainly for incandescent bulbs. Ordinary incandescent lights around 10 lumens per watt, about 1000 hours service life, its working principle is: when the light access circuit, the current through the filament, the heating effect of the current, make the incandescent Light for visible and infrared light, this phenomenon in the filament temperature up to 700 k can perceive, due to the work of the filament temperature is very high, most of the energy wasted in the form of infrared radiation, the filament temperature is very high, also quickly evaporate, so life is shortened, about 1000 hours.
2, LED Tube Light, also called compact fluorescent lamps (CFL Light) abroad it was invented in 1978 by foreign manufacturers first, because it has high photosynthetic efficiency (ordinary light bulb is five times), obvious effect of energy conservation, long service life (8 times that of ordinary light bulb), small volume, convenient use, welcomed by the people from different countries and national recognition and, China in 1982, the first developed successfully in fudan university institute of electric light source SL type compact fluorescent lamps, 20 years, rapid growth of production, quality improved steadily, Chinese manufacturers have already put it as a national focus on the development of energy-saving products (green lighting products) as a promotion and use.
3, Ordinary incandescent Light is to use the wick hot glowing again, most electrical energy into heat energy lost, but LED daylight Light belongs to cold light lamp, use some material glows under electric excitation characteristics to shine. So energy conversion rate is high, produce less heat, at the same brightness as the power consumption of small, of course.
4, LED Tube Light structure: glass tube (with a filament, mercury vapor, inner wall coating phosphor), Light holder + shell plastic parts, electronic ballast.

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