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LED panel light installation considerations

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LED Panel Light is a high-end interior lighting lamps and lanterns, outside its borders of aluminum alloy by anodic oxidation, light source for LED, the design of lamps and lanterns is beautiful concise, atmospheric luxury, and have good lighting effect, and can bring people don't have to enjoy.
LED panel light, the light after high light transmittance of guide plate to form a uniform plane light effect, intensity of illumination uniformity is good, the light is soft and comfortable yet bright, can use again want to alleviate eye fatigue.
Installation method
The first [bracket fixed]
Made a few screw hole in the ceiling, and then the LED panel light into type suction box installed on the ceiling, fixed on three sides. And then put the panel lights to fixed good sliding type installation box into it, and give the fourth side edge to screws on the frame.
The second[Steel wire hanging] 
Fixed on the ceiling first messenger wire installation pieces, lock screw (messenger wire factory has been installed). Messenger wire vertically down, on the back of LED panel light on the suspension components. Installation more convenient. Consumers must pay attention to ask know suspension component is manufacturer of standard parts or options.
And the third [embedded]
Installation sheet metal tank, and then on the back of the lamp fixed a few prominent stents, outward into the LED panel light, make the ceiling of the stent with sheet metal tank, can be fixed on the ceiling. But for a variety of different thickness of the ceiling, so need to adjust the height of the lamp surface between the bracket and, otherwise it will cause uneven phenomenon.
LED panel lamp installation considerations:
1,  Please carefully read the instructions carefully before installation of the product; Please make sure has been without electricity for indoor lamps and lanterns is installed before; Outdoor installation must be accredited professional electrician.
2,  From the packing to check the integrity of the product.
3,  Product and combustible materials to ensure that at least 0.2 m distance, be installed to ensure that the zenith of periods of 2 cm high, lamps and lanterns can't all installed on the inside of the zenith, or a heat source of the wall, pay attention to the low voltage and high voltage wire separate line.
4,  Lamps and lanterns of attachment can through from drilling and lamps and lanterns at the back of the attachment can be fixed wire clip, to ensure that the fixed firmly.
5,  Make sure the power cord of lamps and lanterns has enough length, not under tension or tangential force. Install lamps and lanterns of attachment to avoid excessive tension, knot don't make the connection. Output should pay attention to distinguish, attachment should not be confused with other lamps and lanterns.
6,  After installed, low voltage switch power supply plug with the lamps and lanterns of low voltage plug connection.
Safe use notice:
1,  Products using standard working voltage, do not exceed the working voltage range.
2,  Before using, check to ensure that the product is damaged in the transportation, if there is damage will not be able to install and use.
3,  Please do not try to repair, only by professional engineers to repair.
4,  Product wear small accessories, please stay away from children. More don't let the children touch electric equipment.
5,  Don't look straight into the LED light-emitting surface for a long time, do not use the reflection of the LED light to illuminate other people's eyes.
6,  Note waterproof, The electricity, Shockproof.
7,  More than a lifetime, need to inspection, maintenance or scrap processing.
Maintenance notice:
1,  Before clean lamps and lanterns, please be sure to shut off the power.
2,  Use a dry or a dry cloth to clean.
3,  Do not use chemical or corrosive to clean.

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